Anglický čtenář v Doubravníku [18]

Nové nástroje a možnosti pro příznivce anglického jazyka dostupné na internetu.

Hey, my dear reader read up this letter

I am writing to you to let you know about some new tools and possibilities that are available for learners of English language on Internet. These include new online and multi-media materials, as well as a lot of texts to read and to listen to.

You are receiving this letter because you have followed with me, since some time in the past, these articles and some of them were dealing tools and opportunities for learning English. Please let me know if you would like to continue in this way or you would prefer something else...

Well, now I send you the address of an Internet page as I am convinced it will be interesting for you to navigate onto this place and to enjoy an opportunity to use it

upon clicking on the link, you will find a number of recently created materials, most of which are free. These include many readings in adapted version as well as full texts. You will be able to find there various audio file too. Moreover, you are recommended to study the grammar offered on this page. Later on we will visit the other pages of this type.

As you know quite well the Internet is full of people who are keen of having chat to anybody. The chatterboxes are all over the world and this fact puts us in the happy situation to obtain the opportunity to listen to people speaking English. It seems rather strange but there is a chap who wants anybody to call him up.

You can try the WEB site My Tube (it was great from the commercial point of view last year). You can get to this place and meet this fellow also clicking upon

and than you will choice the item
The Luke Johnson Phone Experiment - this file is quite easy to listen to.

Best wishes

PhDr.Tomášek Pavel CSc.