Anglický čtenář v Doubravníku [21]

Po téměř dvouleté odmlce je zde další pokračování seriálu pro příznivce anglického jazyka.

My dear reader,

I have to apologize myself not having written a new issue for long time. So I will try to remedy this situation by this new contribution. I like to make you familiar with the new way how to study foreign language using your internet. This new method is Podcasting, a new internet technology based on XML protocol family.

Podcasting is also a subscription method for publishing audio files (typically MP3 audio) published in a way that allows subscribers (and other users too) to receive an automatic notification that new shows are available, automatically downloading them to a computer and transferring the podcasts to a portable media player. At the moment we will probably use only the downloading function, as this way of use is free of any charge. The podcast files are typically saved in MP3 format, they can also be listened to on most portable media devices and nearly any computer. Some instruction sites (typically belonging to the small nations or the site which are intending to expand the knowledge of proper language, as BBC for example) provide this service in the free way. For example I started studying Turkish language in this way.

You are strongly recommended and proposed by me to start studying you English exercise at the following site:

It will surely be very useful to listen to audio file several times, then to pronounce it loudly and not to forget to do the questions too.

Good luck

Sincerely yours

Pavel Tomášek